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Make College Count! 

Your child’s college education is one of your most significant investments.  

The worst outcome is the "Boomerang": Your child returns home after 4+ years of hard work and money spent without a job.  

The best outcome: Your child graduates and moves onto financial and personal independence with a job offer in hand!  

We help you achieve the "best" outcome by working with you and your student to:

  • Conduct regular & structured communication (feedback/status sessions) about the ongoing college experience to:
    • Get and stay on the same page.
    • Evaluate level of commitment to quality education?
    • Define next steps after graduation: graduate degree or job?    
  • Make informed career choices.
  • Identify and fix academic de-railers.
  • Balance academic achievement and personal growth.  
  • Effectively use university resources.  
  • Internships: What they are, why they are important and how to make them work.

Price: $250 (Value: Priceless!) (Total consulting time: Up to 3 hours) This is an individualized workshop. This program is also available as a group workshop. Contact us for details.

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Student Offerings

Do you know someone who is a student searching for a career direction or a job or just searching for answers and direction in their professional life?  Tell them to call us for a free consultation.

We’ve had success with students from colleges and universities all over the world. Here is a partial list:

MIT / Yale / Georgia Tech / University of Florida / Cambridge University / Florida State University  California Institute of Technology / UNC (Chapel Hill) / University of Pennsylvania / Embry Riddle  University of Miami / SUNY Binghamton / Virginia Tech / Lynn University  Palm Beach and Broward County State Colleges / Florida International University University of Mississippi (Old Miss) / Mississippi State University / Ohio University   University of Southern Mississippi / University of South Alabama / University of Connecticut Wharton School of Business / Nova University / Boston University / Pratt Institute National Technology University of Ukraine

Check out our offerings for students.

Have questions? Contact us for a FREE consultation.

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